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Coy Jasper Preslar (Lawn Longhorns) - Class Of 1937

Coy Jasper Preslar (Lawn Longhorns)

Coy Jasper Preslar

February 13, 1919 - August 2, 1977

BIOGRAPHY: Coy was in the "Lost Battalion" 2 Battalion 131 Field Artillary & USS Houston (CA30) during WW II.

He was sent to Chongkai Thailand "Death Railway."

He was captured on Java March 8, 1942 and placed in the hold of a ship that had only one porthole, too crowded to lie down. He was sent to Singapore where prisoners cleared land for vegetable gardens for 30 days. He was then sent to Nagasake to a Japanese prison camp for 42 months. He had service connected health problems of beri-beri, heart problems.

First Marriage: Minnie Mae SALYERS b. 1 Dec 1924, d. 8 Apr 1954
Child: Ginger Louise PRESLAR b. 1 Sep 1947 Taylor Co, TX, d. 7 Apr 1954

Ginger and her mother were burned badly when their house blew up due to a gas leak as they opened the door. They both died as a result of the burns.
Second Marriage: Christine Opal DRIVER and had 1 son.
Reference: Family Tree-contact: Verda Shine