Web Site Thank You from Old Forum
Posted Friday, April 10, 2009 09:39 AM

Patti Snodgrass Davis

Debbie - you've done a FANTASTIC job creating this website - THANK YOU for all the hours you have invested in this endeavor!
: ) Patti (Snodgrass) Davis

Debbie Dacus Stewart

Patti - It has been challenging and fun all at the same time. Just getting started though - Much Larger project coming after the Reunion. It will be really fun once the pictures start coming in and we get the slide shows going. I will be announcing a need for pictures next month.

Jon Conley

ditto, thanks for all of ya'll's work on this project!!!

seeya in June


Brandy Appleton


You have done such a wonderful job of bringing all of us together! I know how hard you have worked at this and it just means so much to us all to be able to have that line open again to talk with each other and catch up.
Thank you so much!!! If I can help with anything please let me know I would be glad to volunteer some time to you.

Debbie Dacus Stewart

Hey Brandy,

There has been such great response to the "In Memory" Pages. I may be asking for some help in locating obituaries or stories about our special classmates/faculty who have gone before us. Then you can email me what you are able to locate. I would like to get to everyone's request when I receive an "In Memory" notice, just as quick as I am able. Then post our findings in a timely manner so those that choose, can pay tribute to our "In Memory" classmates/faculty. I will make an announcement soon regarding the desire for most recent photos of our "In Memory" classmates/faculty and their families.

Thanks for wanting to lend a hand in this project. It's great to give back to our area communities with something that can be shared through the ages.

Debbie Dacus Stewart