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Lisa Diane Howard - Class Of 1983

 Lisa Diane Howard

 Eight years ago I met a magnificent young lady whose life force was stronger than anyone else's that I've encountered. Her name is Lisa Howard and you may remember her because you directly added to the quality of her life.
Stricken with a fatal disease at age 12, Lisa was able to hang in there until she received a double lung/heart transplant on August 15, 1993, thanks to you. Do you recall the small sum of $250,000 you collectively raised that made her transplant possible?
Lisa carried that memory with her until the fated day of March 3, 1999, when she passed away. Diagnosed with chronic lung rejection -- those marvelous transplanted lungs she received drew their last breath.
What you gave Lisa was six years of life -- a life that had quality and freedom. Six years she never would have had if it wasn't for your generosity. My only regret is that most of you didn't know her personally. Fair skinned, light brown hair, and with a southern drawl, she was a beautiful young woman, whose innocence remained intact. Yet, she developed a type of savvy that only comes with facing life-threatening situations. She was, and will always be, in my mind...
... alas, my trite words will never accurately portray the person Lisa was. Let it be said that Lisa Howard's eulogy is the life she led and the people she inspired. She walked with grace every step of the way and I'll never forget her. Good-bye for now, Lisa. My condolences to your family and many friends.

Article from South Coast Today in Minnesota - Lisa passed away in Minneapolis, Minnesota



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13/07/09 08:49 PM #1    

Gayle Tatum (Cook) (1983)

Lisa was one of my good friends. WE went to High school together. Even though she could not be real active, but she oh so wanted be. We had a lot of serious descissons
about life & boys. She once said that no guy would EVER have the guts to get close to her. We kept in touch after High School, up until the week before she died. I knew it was a posssibilty, but I Hoped that she
would have the chance @ a real life before she went.
I MISS YOU LISA !!!!!!!!

Gayle Tatum Cook

10/09/10 08:37 AM #2    

Susynn Vinson (Yates) (1983)

I was very honored to know Lisa and call her friend in High School.  She was the reason I saw my idol Donny Osmond.  I still to this day think of her every time I pass Target in Fort Worth, I remember our Trip to Dallas, and the laughs we shared.

Lisa was so funny and could at the drop of a hat make you laugh.  She had a very gentle spirit, she was always calm no matter what the situation.

Lisa today you crossed my mind and today I smiled knowing that soon we will meet again.

I was reminded today 04-13-2012 again on my dad's birthday he passed 5 years ago from this life to eternal life of how precious life is.  Today I miss those who have gone on before us and reminded of them and how much they shaped and created me to whom I am today.

Love you Dad and Lisa till we meet again.


Susynn Yates (Vinson)

Thanks for the memories.



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